This book is about a man who has rich life experence. When he was a child he had walking problems. Everyone called him an idiot. He went to a regular school, and there everyone beat him everyday. When he went to the seventh grade his parents moved him to school for idiots. He tried himself  in many spheres, for example football, chess, and business. During football trainings and matches Forrest lived in an uncomfortable room. His football coach always told him to take the ball and run as fast as he could. One year later Forrest gave up playing football and started to play harmony with his childhood friend Jenny Curan’s music band. And some time later Forrest was taken to the army. In the army, Forrest met  his old friend Buba. Buba suggested Forrest doing shrimp business when they came back home. During the war in Vietnam Buba died and Forrest continued to run the business  on his own. Forrest’s mother and an old chess friend were involved in the business. They got very rich, but Forrest was sad, because he couldn’t find Jenny. And somewhere towards the end of the book Forrest was playing harmony and he saw Jenny and a little boy. And it turned out that this was Forrest’s child.  
 I think if a man has health problem it doesn’t mean that he is an idiot. May be he is very talented. For example Forrest is very talented. Forrest is also very kind. Many times he gets into funny situations and troubles. Forrest’s classmates don’t have conscience and it help Forrest to run very fast. Sometimes a person can fail  in different spheres, but if he is clever he will eventually become very successful.