Mrs. Knowles and her three sons were driving from Perth to Adelaide in the early hours one morning in 1988.  When she saw a light flashing on the road ahead, she slowed down thinking that it was a traffic signal. Suddenly, a strange light seemed to be on top of the car, pulling it up off the road before dropping it down again. Feeling terrified and out of control, the family noticed a black powder seeping inside their car and smelt a horrible stench. In a state of shock, they drove to the nearest town and reported the incident to the police. Thinking that the woman must have been so tired that she was dreaming, the police gave her a cup of tea hoping to calm her down. Meanwhile, a local lorry driver following the same route as Mrs. Knowles confirmed that he has also seen the strange light in the distance. Finally, the police agreed to inspect the car and when they did, they saw the dust, smelt the smell and also noticed some small dents in the roof of the car.This story was quickly taken up by some people as proof of the presence of aliens on earth. Other people who prefer to believe in a scientific explanation have suggested that electrical forces in the atmosphere caused this and other incidents.